Crypto Ambassador Programs

Incentivized Testnets

LogoProjectRewardsTasksTagsFunding ($M)StatusDate Added
GrassGrassGrass Incentivized BetaPoints (a future stake in the network)Sign up, install, browse and refer your friendsDePIN3,5Open29.02.24
EnkiEnkiEnki Fantasy Genesis PlanA total prize pool of 150,000 ENKI Tokens (1.5% of the total supply)Community Participation, Trivia, Tasks, Testing, Bugs and MarketingDeFiNAOpen21.02.24
eeseeEeseeEesee Incentivized TestnetA share of $500.000 in the $ESE tokenVarious social and on-chain challengesNFTfi2,95Open20.02.24
filliquidFilliquidFilliquid Incentivized TestnetA share of 5,000,000 FIG (everyone) and $1,000 USDT (top 20 participants on the leaderboard)Staking, borrowing, farming and bug detectionLending, FilecoinUndisclosedOpen20.02.24
TONTONThe Open League: Pilot SeasonXP (exchangeable for TON) and potential airdrops from TON projectsVarious social and on-chain questsLayer11700Open19.02.24
Concrete (1)ConcreteConcrete Waitlist & PointsPointsRegisterDeFi7,5Waitlist Closed16.02.24
AnalogAnalogAnalog Incentivized TestnetParticipation BasedRegisterLayer016Waitlist15.02.24

For a comprehensive introduction to incentivized testnets, check out our post on Understanding Incentivized Testnets.

Disclaimer: Participating in incentivized testnets involves certain risks, and rewards are subject to the terms and conditions set by each project. Please carefully review the guidelines provided by the respective projects before participating. We are not responsible for any issues or losses incurred during your participation in these programs. This page is for informational purposes only. Please note that this webpage may contain referral links, and we may earn a commission or rewards when you use these links. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of this disclaimer.

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