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TON Society - The Open League: Pilot Season

Embark on a thrilling journey with The Open League, TON Ecosystem’s massive rewards program. Join quests, earn Collectibles, and grab Toncoin-backed rewards. Simplifying crypto for everyone, it’s your chance to explore top projects like Wallet, tApps Center, Notcoin, Egg Fight Club, and Fanton.

🏆 Accumulate Collectible Achievements, TON-backed Experience Points (XP), and aim for the exclusive Junior Pilot SBT by conquering all quests. Each achievement boosts your on-chain reputation, opening doors to potential airdrops from various TON projects.

You only need a Telegram account to get started.

Join the Pilot Season now: Quest, Earn, Collect, Repeat!


Various social and on-chain quests


Anyone can join, you only need a Telegram account to get started


XP (exchangeable for TON) and potential airdrops from TON projects

🚨XP distribution won’t start immediately, but it will begin soon, so collect as many achievements as possible to get the chance to win maximum rewards once distribution begins. XP has real value; you will be able to exchange it for Toncoin in the future.

Disclaimer: Participating in incentivized testnets involves certain risks, and rewards are subject to the terms and conditions set by each project. Please carefully review the guidelines provided by the respective projects before participating. We are not responsible for any issues or losses incurred during your participation in these programs. This page is for informational purposes only. Please note that this webpage may contain referral links, and we may earn a commission or rewards when you use these links. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of this disclaimer.

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