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Analog Incentivized Testnet

Dive into Analog, a Web3 platform revolutionizing cross-chain communication with a recent $16M funding boost. Founded in 2021 by Victor Young and Sanchal Ranjan, Analog addresses the need for seamless data triggers across blockchains, evolving from their experience in Polkadot, Cosmos, and Chainlink projects.

With a $120M valuation, Analog stands out by offering a developer-focused toolkit for cross-chain development. Backed by crypto projects and Web3 funds like Near, Wintermute, and Orange DAO, Analog introduces a software development kit enabling easy communication and interoperability for asset transfers, AMMs, DEXs, and NFTs.

🚨The testnet is anticipated to launch in the latter part of Q1 to early Q2, with additional information set to be revealed in the coming weeks!


Fill out the registration form for the testnet and refer users


Anyone can join, especially those with an active interest in blockchain, to facilitate constructive feedback


To secure rewards, ensure compliance with criteria such as providing accurate details and successfully completing the required tasks

*Employees or contractors related to Analog and U.S. residents may participate but are not eligible for rewards. Other exclusions may apply.

Disclaimer: Participating in incentivized testnets involves certain risks, and rewards are subject to the terms and conditions set by each project. Please carefully review the guidelines provided by the respective projects before participating. We are not responsible for any issues or losses incurred during your participation in these programs. This page is for informational purposes only. Please note that this webpage may contain referral links, and we may earn a commission or rewards when you use these links. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of this disclaimer.

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