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Super Shardian Ambassador Program

The Super Shardian program by Shardeum, following OCC guidelines, rewards contributors directly or indirectly, encouraging community participation in tasks such as articles, videos, design, and smart contracts, with transparent tracking and timely rewards distribution.


Content creation, community moderation and engagement


Everyone can contribute


Up to $250 per month


Shardeum is an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain employing dynamic state sharding for scalable, decentralized, and secure transactions. It offers high throughput and atomic composability, addressing the blockchain scalability-decentralization-security trilemma by achieving all three. Automatic scaling optimizes performance and maintains scalability as the network grows.


Shardeum raised $23.6 million in multiple funding rounds.


Shardeum's native coin, Shard (SHM), is mined by nodes and serves as the currency for gas fees and smart contract execution on the network.


Not traded yet. TGE expected in Q1 2024.

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