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KINE Ambassador Program

Discover the KINE Ambassador Program—an initiative designed to reward community contributions in the Web3 space. As an ambassador, you’ll play a crucial role in promoting KINE across platforms, earning rewards like $KINE tokens and exclusive NFTs. Apply now to join this dynamic community.


Content creation and community engagement


Applicants must have a minimum of 1K followers on X, complete all “Ambassador Program” entry tasks on Zealy, claim the “Kinedidate” role and apply through the form


Zealy points based KINE and USDT rewards, NFTs, merchandise, Futures Bonus Coupons and EXP boosts

Kine Protocol

Kine Protocol is a decentralized platform enabling versatile liquidity pools for derivatives trading. Traders can open positions using digital assets, avoiding the need for counterparties. Kine expands collateral options to Ethereum-based assets, allowing third-party liquidation.


Kine Protocol raised $7+ million a funding round led by Naval Ravikant and Alexander Pack.


The KINE token is the native utility token of Kine Protocol, serving governance functions and incentivizing community participation within the Kine Ecosystem, allowing token holders to influence decisions and earn rewards through staking in liquidity pools and participating in community governance.


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