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Alephium Ambassador Program

Dive into Alephium’s Ambassador Program, where individuals become architects of innovation. This initiative heralds a new era, empowering dreamers, writers, and tech enthusiasts to coalesce around a shared vision. As Alephium’s Ambassadors, participants aren’t just contributors; they’re pioneers sculpting the narrative of blockchain evolution. Join the ranks and let your passion resonate on a global scale, as together, we script the future of Alephium.

🚨Application Deadline: January 20th, 2024!


Content creation, translation, community building and moderation


Everyone can apply. Applicants need to be willing to commit for at least 3 months


ALPH (a share of a monthly pool of maximum $5K), NFTs, swag and collaboration


Alephium is a pioneering layer 1 sharded blockchain, elevating Bitcoin core technologies with Proof of Work and UTXO. Fueled by the BlockFlow algorithm, it efficiently implements UTXO sharding, combining DAG and sharding for enhanced scalability. Notably lightweight, BlockFlow enables smooth cross-shard transactions.


Alephium raised $3.6 million in a presale form among others White Paper Capital and Archery Blockchain.


ALPH is the official token of Alephium, fostering decentralization and security by incentivizing miners in transaction processing, while also defending the network against DDoS and spam through transaction fees.


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