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Crypto Ambassador Chronicles: Week 46


Greetings Crypto Enthusiasts!

🌟 Welcome to the latest edition of the Crypto Ambassador Chronicles, your go-to source for the hottest updates in the world of Crypto Ambassador Programs!

🎉 Highlights from Last Week:


🦅 Eagle Protocol Ambassador Program 🌐

Shape the future of DeFi with Eagle Protocol! Earn up to $100 monthly as an Ambassador. Engage in Twitter campaigns, Discord discussions, or unleash your creativity through content creation. Be the vanguard of innovation!


🌊 TsunamiX Wave Ambassador Program 🌐

Ride the crypto wave with TsunamiX! Dive into engaging tasks like content creation and community engagement. Exclusive Discord roles, social media shoutouts, and unique POAPs await our elite crew. Ready to make waves in the world of crypto?


🌟 Ambassador Program 🌐 [Already Closed]

Embark on a transformative journey with! Be at the forefront of crypto innovation, shaping the future of decentralized finance. Unlock exclusive updates, network with industry leaders, and become a catalyst for change. Ready to redefine possibilities?

#️⃣Liquid Staking

🎮 Setoros Ambassador Program🌐

Join the fastest-rising sports betting dApp on Base as a Setoros Ambassador. Influence the protocol’s direction, network with industry leaders, and earn discretionary token rewards. For crypto enthusiasts seeking more, Setoros is your ticket to an elevated journey!


🌟 Intract Ambassador Program 🌐

Become a trailblazer in decentralized questing with the Intract Ambassador Program! Whether you’re a rising Shaman or a Mystic shaping major initiatives, your journey will redefine the questing landscape. Join now to amplify your questing prowess and unlock unparalleled rewards!

#️⃣Social, Quests

🎮 Oasys Jedi Ambassador Program 🌐

Embark on an epic journey with the Oasys Jedi Ambassador Program! Calling all gaming enthusiasts passionate about responsible data practices and cutting-edge Web3 gaming. Elevate your influence, engage in global discussions, and receive grants for your contributions. Seize the chance to become a legend in the Web3 revolution!


🌟 B2B Ambassador Program 🌐

Embark on a transformative DeFi expedition as a B2B Ambassador! In partnership with B2B Protocol, this program invites proven crypto and Web3 content creators. Craft compelling content, contribute to the community’s knowledge, and earn substantial rewards — up to $1,000 in B2B tokens monthly.


🌌 Rebel Satoshi Vanguard Ambassador Program 🌐

Embark on a journey of crypto rebellion as a Rebel Satoshi Ambassador. Your creativity shapes the rebellion’s destiny — craft content that sparks the fire, weave $RBLZ values into conversations, and forge alliances echoing through the cryptoverse. The Silver Squadron and Gold Guard beckon; choose your path, and let your deeds be the anthem of a digital revolution.


🌟 Chappyz Global Ambassador Program 🌐

Explore the Chappyz Global Ambassador Program, where VICAs (Very Important Chappyz Ambassadors) take the reins, steering regional leadership with direct collaboration with the Head of Community. With organic growth and allocated budgets, ambassadors spearhead community initiatives.


🤖 AiMalls Ambassador Program 🌐

Are you ready for an adventure? Dive into the AiMalls Ambassador Program! A chance to lead local meetups, create cool content, and be the go-to person for AiMalls in your community. If you’re a student into E-commerce, AI, and Blockchain, this is where you belong.


🐢 Turtsat Community Ambassador Program 🌊

Ready for a crypto adventure? Join the Turtsat Ambassador crew and be part of a community that’s not just building — it’s family! Whether you’re a Discord wizard, Twitter wordsmith, or dream of leading your own Ordinals realm, there’s a spot for you.

#️⃣Br20, Memecoin

🌟 Qtum Ambassador Program 🌐

Ready to lead a blockchain revolution? Join the Qtum Ambassador Program and be on the front lines of blockchain evolution! Whether you’re sparking digital conversations or hosting local meetups, this is your unique opportunity to shape the future.

#️⃣Layer1, Smart Contracts

🌟 DComm Ambassador Program 🌐

Ready for a paradigm shift? Embrace the DComm Ambassador Program — a journey into real-world asset tokenization. Shape global conversations, create impactful content, and be at the forefront of blockchain evolution.


Ready to dive into the crypto revolution? 🌊 Explore last weeks Ambassador Programs. Find your fit, be the voice, and earn rewards!

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📰 In Case You Missed It:

🌟 RepubliK held their TGE on the 17th of November and listed their native RPK token on BybitKuCoin and Mexc. Check out their active Ambassador Program here!

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That’s a wrap for this week’s Crypto Ambassador Chronicles! 🌌

Stay tuned for more crypto adventures, program spotlights, and community excellence. Until next week, keep thriving in the crypto-sphere! 🌟


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